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Traffic Blazer
Price: $29.95 (per year, per URL)

About Traffic Blazer

Traffic Blazer is an Internet-based search engine optimization and Web site submission tool that allows users to analyze, optimize and submit Web sites to the Internet’s leading search engines and directories. Traffic Blazer enables free Web site submission to a number of key search engines and directories, including MSN, Google and Yahoo. Businesses can further take advantage of Traffic Blazer’s paid-inclusion and pay-per-click programs, which allow clients to secure maximum exposure on the Internet. Traffic Blazer’s advanced Site Analysis tool reviews a number of key Web site elements based on user-defined search phrases. Featured Meta tag generation and search-phrase suggestions tools enable users to refine their sites according to the inclusion and ranking criteria of leading search engines. Traffic Blazer further features a number of advanced submission-tracking tools that facilitate the processes of monitoring submission status and verifying that submitted Web pages indeed have been indexed by the top search engines

FACT: 85%* of all traffic to Web sites and 70%** of all online purchases originate from a search engine or directory (like Google, Yahoo, or MSN). If you're ready to get your share, here's the solution: All-new Traffic Blazer®.

  • Site Analysis keyed to search engine requirements.
  • Site Optimization instructions that allow users to easily make the adjustments the Site Analysis suggests.
  • Search Phrase Optimization helps fine-tune submissions by comparing user-defined phrases to the related phrases actual search engine users have searched on in the past month. Powered by Overture®.
  • Automated Submission to dozens of leading search engines and directories.
  • Submission Status features allows users to check the submission status their Web pages, and to verify that the pages have indeed been indexed by the leading search engines.
  • Traffic Essentials is a comprehensive guide to search engine optimization and the ever-changing search engine industry.

Further Information:

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If Web site traffic is important to you... if increasing online visibility is important to you.. if making money on the Internet is important to you... get the NEW Traffic Blazer.

"Traffic Blazer is a great product and using it has kick-started our Web site: We went from just a few visitors a week to hundreds a day! Now our business is booming!"
-- Gary Dowling, President, South Dakota Popcorn, Inc.

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