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Real Site
Price: $94.95

About Real Site

Build Consumer Confidence.
Even as online spending soars, consumer anxiety about online fraud continues to grow. Real Site is the leading-edge trust service that is a fast, convenient way for your customers to identify and confirm your web site’s legitimacy – an imperative to engender consumer confidence that results in increased sales.

Instill Confidence. Grow Revenue.
Here’s how it works: “Smart Seal” technology resides on your web pages, automatically identifying your site as genuine, authentic, and validated by an independent third party. When a customer clicks on the Real Site “Smart Seal”, the server automatically performs a domain look-up to verify they’re visiting a legitimate site. More and more consumers are demanding this kind of validation before they will spend money online.

Fool-proof validation that’s cost-effective.
Unlike other validation products, Real Site features name/time/date, plus security ID and validation code – and immediately identifies you as a valid Real Site member. That’s the kind of fool-proof (and instantaneous) online validation today’s online customers are looking for, and it’s available only in our solution.

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